Friday, February 29, 2008

Here are the statements from a recent press release issued by JEM:

"JEM reliable sources in Southern Darfur reveal extensive military build-up in Nyala. A convoy consisting of 98 heavy military vehicles, 10 Chinese and Russian Tanks, 12 missile launchers and 25 SPG9 left Nyala today and camped in Zalingei for the night. "

I have confirmed from sources in West-South Darfur that these statements are at least in part true. On their return to Nyala from Jebel Marra, my sources passed over GoS 90 tanks entering into West Darfur.

Meanwhile, the GoS tries to find a seat in the Arab world by staging protests all around Sudan against the re-publication of purportedly offensive cartoons in Danish newspapers. Thousands marched in Khartoum in front of Omar el-Bashir as he vociferously heralded the removal of all Danes from Sudan and the future boycott of Danish goods. All United Nations personnel were restricted from leaving their compounds. Yet according to the Danish representatives, they hadn't yet been contacted regarding any possible expulsion or of any measures that were being taken to halt the 25 million USD in cheese imports into Sudan. Words, words, words. The Danish humanitarian organizations continue their work.

More words: Palestinians are offered refuge in Sudan. But do they even want to come?