Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A New Camp for West Darfur

The UNHCR has decided to establish a new camp in the Al Geneina vicitiny to host the newly displaced people from Abu Surug, Silea, Jebel Moon, and Sirba. The original capacity will be approximately 6,000 people. Now comes the dirty part of a humanitarian intervention: NGOs will begin fighting for a position in the camp, to find a place as camp coordinator, water provider, NFI distributor, or anything else they can be to assure future funding for their organization.

According to our intel, the fighting in Jebel Moon continues, as SLA and JEM fighters hold their ground against government forces. More displaced people from the region might arrive.

More worrisome is that fact that Chadian troops are gathering near the vicinity of Habila, many assume to prepare for a massive repsissal against the Chadian rebels' failed attempt to take N'Djamena last month.

UNAMID, remarkeably, is a positive force in West Darfur and has been taking a pro-active and visible presence in the field, accompanying humanitarian workers and patrolling the camps all night. According to some Darfuris, their new stance has already made a difference for the safety of those in camps.